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REGALO - the different society

How can you support REGALO ?

Thereís still a lot to do! Letís get on with it! Letís give a little of what we have in plenty; letís make children happy again, letís make eyes shine, letís open up hearts.
During our last visit, people expressed a lot of wishes to us, both large and small ones. Wishes and requests so simple that they seem strange to us:
For example, windows instead of cardboard. They would cost about US$ 40.-, more than a yearís savings. Repairs to the roof of the child care centre, which is in danger of collapsing. The fields are very steep in places, and so the mothers cannot take all of the babies and infants with them and therefore the youngsters are tended in turns by the women. Work in the fields is womenís work!

There are of course also larger investments. For example, a water main laid over 30 years ago needs to be urgently overhauled. Simple accommodation is required for scientists and volunteers.

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  • REGALO is a small group which has been recognised in the canton of St Gallen, Switzerland, as a charitable organisation since June 2003. Consequently all takings and outgoings must be accurately recorded. You can therefore be certain that your contribution will be used for the purpose intended.

  • REGALO is also to be found at Christmas markets, flea markets and similar events. We sell hand-made sweetmeats, grape gelée etc., in order to finance our projects, and also to make our activities known to a wider public.

  • Ecuador is worth a visit. You will have unforgettable experiences and will see several volcanoes close up. Treat yourself to this unique experience. For more information, consult the following link or
    The still active Sangay volcano (5í230m), with its perfect cone, is visible on clear days both from the eastern areas and from the highlands. Covering an area of 549'000 hectares, the Sangay National Park is the largest nature reserve in Ecuador and is on the UNESCO list. It extends from the Páramo in the highlands to the rain forest in the east of the country, and contains a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The park is, for example, the home of the puma, the jaguar, the tapir and the condor

Other charities generally use up to 30% of donations for administrative costs, advertising, correspondence, postage and so on. We donít. We pay all expenses ourselves and therefore every donated cent directly benefits those in need.
We are of course willing to provide further information and pictures at any time.

As a matter of principle, and as a precaution against any possible disappointment and bitterness on the part of the indigenous population, we never promise in advance to carry out any particular project. REGALO works at collecting money for a project until about two-thirds of the costs are available. Then the villagers are informed. the voluntary work organized and the material required ordered.

REGALO therefore does not budget, and has so far refrained from carrying out individual assessments, which are very expensive . We have come along very well with our present procedure. All donations, and everything that we have earned for REGALO, is placed in an account with the Raiffeisen Bank in Balgach (Switzerland) or with the same bank in Höchst (Austria). We send small payments when necessary and receive the receipts that we require for book-keeping and to provide evidence for our tax-free status.

REGALO is grateful for even the smallest contribution, and so we will appreciate whatever you are prepared to give.

The committee of REGALO travels to Ecuador once a year at their own expense to inspect and dedicate projects - so far with 100% success. We also use these visits as an opportunity to discuss the next steps to be taken and to consider possible new projects.

Perhaps you would care to become a member of REGALO. The annual subscription is CHF 50.-

Bank accounts for donations

Raiffeisenbank Mittelrheintal
CH - 9436 Balgach
Clearing no. 81319
Giro no. 90-3031-2

IBAN: CH10 8131 9000 0085 3957 1
Swiftcode: RAIFCH22
  in favor of:
IBAN: CH76 8131 9000 0085 3954 7
REGALO, hilfe zur selbsthilfe in ecuador
c/o Regula Nett
Hauptstrasse 93
CH - 9436 Balgach